On October 30, 2015, in the Old Town of Riga, at Trokšņu Street, near the protective wall, a permanent art object was unveiled - Ieva Rubeze's “The Ghost”.

The art object is created in bronze casting technique. “How many mysterious messages can an object, covered with cloth and therefore invisible, contain? The art object is a kind of monument to the "sculpture unexposed" and the traditional ghost technique - hiding under the cloth," says the artist Ieva Rubeze.

“With this artwork, Ieva Rubeze continues her often dream-like poetics. At the project competition "Riga Smiles Again", her work was chosen by both philanthropists, Māra Lāce, Juris Dambis, and Aleksejs Naumovs," says the curator of the program Helena Demakova.

Ieva Rubeze (1977) was once known as one of the so-called “digital romantics”, but the artist has also created objects, photographs and worked in other media.