The competition - exhibition “Riga Smiles Again” is a continuation of the “Riga Smiles” project. Most of its authors have participated in the exhibition "Greetings Head!" at the Latvian Railway Museum in March and April 2014.

Artists who are able to express a conceptual and at the same time benevolent message that brings paradoxes of thinking and modern imagery to the urban environment were invited to participate in the competition. The motto of the competition is again - THE JOY OF THINKING"!

The exhibition “Riga Smiles Again” was realized within the framework of the annual Boris and Ināra Teterev arts programme TÊTE-À-TÊTE.

This time, philanthropists Boriss and Ināra Teterev have put emphasis on figurative works.



Winners of the competition

Competition jury:

Ināra Tetereva, philanthropist

Boriss Teterevs, philanthropist

Māra Lāce, director of the LNMA

Aleksejs Naumovs, Rector of the Latvian Academy of Arts

Juris Dambis, head of the State Cultural Monuments Protection Inspectorate

Helēna Demakova, art scientist and curator of the “Riga Smiles” exhibition

Gvido Princis, Riga city architect


10 artists took part in the exhibition. The winners of the "Riga Smiles Again" are: