Since 2023, the Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation has supported the creation of important new productions at the Valmiera Drama Theatre. On July 30, 2024, theater director Evita Ašerādena and philanthropist Ināra Tetereva signed an agreement on the continuation of cooperation in the next two seasons and an increase in support to EUR 350,000.

With the support of the foundation in the season 2024/2025, Valmiera Drama Theater crates five important productions - William Shakespeare's tragedy "Romeo and Juliet" (directed by Inese Mičule), Gunārs Priede's "Blue" (directed by Māra Ķimele), Anna Brigadere's fairy-tale play "Sprīdītis" (directed by Reinis Suhanovs), another Gunārs Priede's play "Thirteen" (director Jānis Znotiņš) and Tomas Mann's novel "The Magic Mountain" (director Toms Treinis). The season 2024/2025 is characterized by the return home – to the theater’s building, and by the commitment to fill all three theater halls with high-quality art demanded by the audience. This season is also the search for the formula of love, and representation of the various manifestations of love - from the dreaming and friendship of a child, the categoricalness of teenagers to inevitable passion and love triangles.

In the season 2023/2024, the theater was particularly successful - the Valmiera theater won the most nominations in the Theater award "Spielmaņu nakts". The theatre’s performances were included in 18 nominations.

Valmiera Theater staged four important productions of classical works of Latvian drama, also one of the central events of the season - Rainis's "Jāzeps and his Brothers" directed by Inese Mičule, in the visual interpretation by artists Reinis and Krista Dzudzilo. With the support of the foundation, three more works of classics are staged - "Widow's Son" (director Viesturs Roziņš), based on the work of Vilis Plūdons, "Boys of Valmiera" by Pāvils Rozītis (director Jānis Znotiņš) and "The Lost Son" by Rūdolfs Blaumanis (director Reinis Suhanovs).

Valmiera Drama Theater in the season 2023/2024, mostly staged works of Latvian authors, thus honoring the classics of Latvian drama, as well as highlighting works of contemporary authors. The season emphasized the image of the man. In general, new productions reflected a man in different aspects: a warrior, father, son, dreamer, lover, patriot, brotherhood member, etc.

Traditionally, the festive opening of the season is organized next to the art object "Kroder's apple tree", a tribute to the great director Olģerts Kroders.

The art object was created by artists Vilipsōn (Aivars Vilipsons) and Ivars Miķelsons with the co-financing of the Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation. "Kroder's apple tree" also embodies the idea that a person is characterized by his works and the fruits of his labor. Therefore, the new cooperation between the foundation and the Valmiera Drama Theater symbolically started near this art object, which is essential for theater lovers.