On 4 April 2012, the Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation agreed to provide support to the Art Academy of Latvia, signing a memorandum of collaboration to strengthen the AAL’s efforts to nurture excellence.

Under the auspices of the collaboration, the Foundation supported:


The Art Academy of Latvia Prize

The goal of the prize is to identify and recognise the most outstanding achievements in the fields of  Latvian visual art, design and art history, encouraging the development of artistic processes, as well as the execution of new ideas and projects.

This prize was awarded for the first time in 2011 to painter Džemma Skulme, art historian Laima Slava and painter Jānis Avotiņš.

In 2014, the prize was awarded to artist, art historian and Rundāle Palace Museum Director Imants Lancmanis, artists Anita Paegle and Kaspars Podnieks. 

The painter Helena Heinrihsone, director of the Latvian National Museum of Art Mara Lāce and stage designer Reinis Dzudzilo received the prize in 2016.


Philanthropist Ināra Teterev’s art grants

These grants were awarded to second year and more senior students in the undegraduate programme and to first year students upwards in the Master’s programme until the completion of their studies. 

In addition to a monthly sum of money, the grant provided recipients with the opportunity to embark on one or more study trips overseas and, upon graduation, to organise a personal exhibition or to prepare a graduation thesis (in art history). The total value of a single grant can reach EUR 9,750 (depending on the duration of the recipient’s studies).

Photo: AALThe philanthropist Ināra Teterev’s art grants were first awarded in 2012: in the Bachelor’s programme to Sandra Strēle (painting) and Lilita Bauģe (textile art), as well as to Master’s student Agita Šteinberga (sculpture). In  2014, all the grant recipients successfully completed their studies.

In 2013, grants were awarded to Master’s student Guna Poga (functional design), undergraduates Elīna Brasliņa (graphic design) and Elīna Sproģe (visual art and cultural history and theory). In 2015, Guna Poga (graduation personal exhibition in Kalnciema Quarter) and Elīna Brasliņa (graduation personal exhibition) completed their studies in the Bachelor’s programme.

In 2014, grants were awarded to Talita Vālodze (painting), Sigita Sniegs (fashion design) and the Master’s student Līga Spunde (functional design).

In 2015, grants were received by Evija Šaitere (fashion design), Kristīne Kutepova (painting), Laima Ūdre (fashion design) and Margrieta Dreiblate (visual communication).

In 2016, grants were awarded to Darta Lote Berzina (painting), Agate Lielpetere (graphic design), Una Mikuda (metal design) and Marta Veinberga (painting).

In 2017, in its turn, grants received Krišjānis Elviks (stage design), Jānis Krauklis (visual communication) and Laura Veļa (painting), who graduated in 2020.

For more information about the grant recipients, click here (in Latvian).


Study trips for Art Academy of Latvia students

The Foundation gave groups of students from the Art Academy of Latvia the opportunity, accompanied by lecturers, to attend exhibitions, museums or other important art events in Europe that are vital to their studies. This helped students to broaden their horizons and knowledge of pivotal developments on the international art scene.


Creative trips for Art Academy of Latvia teaching staff

The support was also aimed at helping the Art Academy of Latvia’s academic personnel (lecturers, assistants, associated professors and professors) improve their qualifications and creative quality. The Foundation’s support gave teaching staff the chance to live at their chosen residency in any country for two to four weeks.