Since 2014, the Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation has been providing regular financial support to the rehabilitation and treatment program for veterans of the National Armed Forces (NAF) and the families of fallen soldiers. It is implemented by the State Defense and Patriotism Foundation “Namejs”.

For these purposes, the Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation donated several tens of thousands of euros. In October 2022, the gratitude of the State Defense and Patriotism Foundation "Namejs" was awarded for supporting this rehabilitation and treatment program.

“The support of the Foundation over the years has been a great help for the full functioning of the “Namejs” Foundation. They trusted us, they donated, and so the circle began to spin, then, seeing our good deeds, others also trusted us,” says the Chairman of the Board of the “Namejs” Foundation, Lieutenant General (retired) Raimonds Graube.

Raimonds Graube presents a letter of gratitude to Ināra Tetereva. Photo: Armīns Janiks/Ministry of Defense

The motto of the Namejs Foundation is "Remember yours!". As R. Graube points out, this is like a brotherhood of soldiers, in which one takes care of the other. It includes both former NAF commanders and many well-known people in society.

The philosophy of the “Namejs” Foundation is to take care of people so that they do not feel forgotten or abandoned. Let every soldier and military families know that there is a place in Latvia where you can turn for help in difficult times.

Photo: Gatis Dieziņš/Aizsardzības ministrija