Under the auspices of the programme, “Come and do! You can!”, financial support was provided to actively working non-profit organisations in cities and rural areas, whose diligent work enriches the lives of neighbourhood residents and which provide support to fellow citizens in their hour of need. 

Financial support was available to Latvian societies, foundations and religious organisations, which:

  • provide support to expectant mothers and young families;
  • implement initiatives in their work that support and benefit society, health, lifelong education, culture and the surrounding environment;
  • promote an active lifestyle and spending quality free time among various groups of residents;
  • implement animal welfare measures;
  • implement initiatives in various cultural fields using a creative approach;
  • provide the necessary social services to residents in the local community to improve their quality of life.

Under the programme, “Come and do! You can!”, the Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation awarded financing to organisations registered in Latvia, which collaborate on a stable and long-term basis with the local municipality and/or governmental body and/or local businesses, and whose operating goal is to develop diverse initiatives in support of the active and healthy life of the local community. The minimum grant sum awarded by the Foundation - EUR 700; whereas, the maximum sum - EUR 7,000. At least, 10% of the total project financing must be comprised of co-financing from a local municipality or another organisation or collaboration partner.

Since 2013, the Foundation supported 160 projects. Find out more about the results in this INFOGRAPHIC (in Latvian).

Important! In 2015, the programme “Come and do! You can!” is ended. 

Projects supported under the programme "Come and do! You can!", 2015 (in Latvian).
Projects supported under the programme "Come and do! You can!", 2014 (in Latvian).
Projects supported under the programme "Come and do! You can!", 2013 (in Latvian).