"A Paw on the Heart" is an informative educational TV and radio program for the whole family about proper care, the upbringing of animals, and animal protection issues.

Many hundreds of animals living in animal shelters have already found new homes with the help of the show. Broadcast guests - well-known people: musicians, actors, athletes, artists, politicians, journalists, and entrepreneurs - help in fulfilling this mission.

Since September 2019, the show "A Paw on the Heart" is also available in a completely new radio format. It comes to listeners every week on Latvian Radio, with the opportunity to listen to it later on the webpage.

Inese Kreicberga, the author and journalist of the TV and radio show "A Paw on the Heart", emphasizes: "We are particularly grateful to the Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation, which has supported the TV program for many years since the beginning and also helps to fulfill the idea of a radio program.

We are sure that the radio program extends the opportunities for dialogue about topics relevant to animals and their friends. With the help of TV and radio, we will be able to show and tell more and answer more questions”.

The TV show, in its turn, has been a favorite among viewers since January 15, 2011, when the Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation supported the first broadcast on TV. It's still on LTV1, broadcast every week. At any time it is available on the Internet - www.kepauzsirds.lv.

The first guest at the show was singer Laima Vaikule.

In 2016, during “Nowhere for a Pin to Drop”, an event held to honor charitable and voluntary work, Inese Kreicberga, the producer of the LTV program “A Paw on the Heart” and her creative team received an honor from the Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation for their noble work in making society more eagle-eyed, humane and responsible in caring for the animals around us.

The show has won the audience's trust. The team creates it together with viewers, as the team receives viewers' calls and emails every day, both to share stories and to post favorite videos or to suggest new topics.