The Foundation's support for education and social assistance initiatives intertwined in the work carried out within the project at the Riga Catholic Gymnasium. A new, modern elevator was installed, which facilitates the daily routine of people with disabilities. Also, the main entrance/lobby of the historical building in Riga, Ojāra Vācieša Street was renovated.

A new elevator is especially awaited, as students with disabilities are studying in the gymnasium. Until now, they experienced difficulties when needed to reach their classroom or other destinations in the school. In autumn 2020, children, teachers, and guests were already able to make full use of it.



Riga Catholic Gymnasium implements the education program of the secondary school and offers to acquire professionally oriented programs - with an exact and humanitarian orientation. In both programs, visual communication is mastered as a unique subject. The founder of the gymnasium is the Roman Catholic Curia of Riga Metropolis.