The goal of the “Time for Ziedonis” award is to provide annual recognition to those personalities whose excellence, passion, sense of mission, success, disposition and self-sufficiency have inspired a better Latvia.The award was established at the instigation of the great poet, publicist and public activist Imants ZiedonisThe award is organised by Imants Ziedonis’ foundation “Viegli”.

The ceremony is held on 3 May every year, i.e. on Imants Ziedonis’ birthday. To view LTV recordings of past awards ceremonies, click here.

Every year, the award is presented in five categories  - study of local history, science, for children and youth, national economy and literature - to private individuals or group of people who have made outstanding contributions to each field exemplifying the values that define the award. Helping to make the awards a reality are visionaries - people, who are competent in the realm of the nominations, and who oversee and have an expert knowledge of the latest developments within the relevant field.

Science Award “The Attack of the Butterflies”. The award in this category is presented to a science with a Doctor’s degree, who is a leading light - he knows his path and proceeds confidently, showing others the way forward.

Regional Research Award “Sneakers”. The candidates in this category are representatives of various creative professions. These are people with a tireless investigative or researcher’s spirit, who are responsible for a notable project that has already been completed, which has attracted public attention and is considered to be a significant contribution to  Latvia’s development and future. By creative professions, we mean professions in the field of art (music, theatre, painting, etc.), as well as creative industry disciplines (architecture, interior, product design, etc.).

Economics Award “The Land I am Studying”. This category celebrates Latvian people who are conduits for wisdom – masters, craftsmen and business angels, who pass on their knowledge and skills for the benefit of others.

Children’s and Adolescents’ Award “Rhubarb”. This category celebrates people who are like lighthouses in their capacity to generate light and show the way. We are seeking a person, who generates interest among children and adolescents, helping them to strengthen their character and instilling passion among them, this creating new rhubarb plants.

Lifetime Literature Award “Ponytail”. In this category, we are seeking the most unique, passionate and captivating storytellers, whose stories bring to life and celebrate iconic and memorable aspects of the district, parish, environment and place they call home. Here, old words, place names, dialects, accents and intonations are akin to ornate jewellery, which sparkles against the background of the often modest fabric of contemporary language.

Photo: Margarita Germane

On 3 May 2017, "Time for Ziedonis 2017" awards were received by (from the left): Kārlis Agris Gross, Laura Putāne, Laima Liepiņa, Jana Kolbina and Kristaps Rikāns. For details of the award winners during previous years, click here.