The goal of the programme is to give people in difficulty the chance to grow their own fruit and vegetables to put food on their family’s table. Under the auspices of this programme, the support is given to the efforts of industrious non-profit organisations to involve and help people in difficulty, who are nevertheless enterprising and active members of their community, to help themselves by doing work that improves their quality of life.


In the 2019 project competition, 12 non-profit organizations received the support. They carried out projects in their regions, involving local people in farming, thus improving their living conditions. The Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation has awarded grants of 16 215 euros for these activities. 3 projects in Latgale, 2 projects in Vidzeme, 3 projects in Zemgale and 4 projects in Kurzeme received the support.

Organizations provided seeds, plants, and gardening supplies for both the gardens of families in need and the gardens managed by societies. During the summer, families received advice on gardening, and in the fall - on conservation.

Although at the beginning of the year the organizations planned to involve 206 households (800 people) in farming, the results were more impressive. In 2019, 287 households participated in the projects, covering 1 101 persons, including 467 children.
Read more about what has been achieved in 2019 in the "Harvest in 2019" INFOGRAPHIC.


Previously, the support was provided to 15 organisations, which distributed seeds, plants and gardening accessories to families in 21 districts that find themselves in difficulty to enable them to do horticultural work to provide food for their family table. 436 families were involved in the gardening work, comprised of 1,581 people, of whom 778 were children.

Under the auspices of the programme, in 2017, on average, each family was responsible for tending 400 square meters of land. Most frequently, families chose to grow potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, onions, beetroot, and cucumbers. In total, in these 21 districts, families grew vegetables weighing a total of 86,000 kilograms. More detailed information - in the "Harvest in 2019" INFOGRAPHIC.

This programme continues the work done under the “Support for Participating” activity that was part of the “A Piece of Bread” programme (2013-2016). Under the auspices of this activity, a total of 2`500 people took part in a total of 28 projects, growing fruit and vegetables to put on their family’s table or earning additional income to meet their family’s needs.

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