In the year of the centenary celebrations of the Latvian State, Latvian Television looked back at the country’s history on an unprecedented scale through the documentary series, “Keys. Discoveries from a Century of History.”

“Keys” were available on LTV1 every Thursday at 21:15 from 18 January 2018 through to December, giving viewers the chance to enjoy a total of 50 episodes.

Programme recordings can still be watched on the “Keys” website.

“Keys” tells the story of the most important or “key” events, personalities and pivotal moments in the history of the Latvian State from 1918 through to the present day. Each episode is 15 minutes long and focuses on a single event. The goal of “Keys” is to consider each chosen event from an unusual perspective, thus “unlocking the doors” to less well-known and thus especially intriguing facts. This revelatory approach, bypassing the stereotypical approaches to presenting history, enables viewers to perceive well-known facts from an alternative viewpoint and to acquire a better understanding of historical events that occurred long ago in the context of contemporary experience.

“Keys” is produced by “VFS Films” and presented by Mārtiņš Ķibilds.