Documentary films about globally influential development cooperation projects and initiatives supported by the foundation.

Under the auspices of the Media for Development project run by the NGO Green Freedom, a film crew from Woodpecker Pictures (Latvia) produced documentary stories about the implementation of projects supported by the foundation in Thailand, Nepal and Rwanda.

In 2017, films were produced about elephant care in Thailand and about the establishment of schools for kids living in brick kilns in Nepal. Afterwards, these were broadcast to Latvian television viewers. Previews are available, viewing the short versions of these films.

"Gentle Giants", 2017

"Clay Children", 2017

In 2016, a documentary film was made about the conservation of mountain gorillas in Africa and the work done by the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project, an organisation supported by the foundation.

In 2016, the Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation continued its cooperation project with the US organisation, the Global Fairness Initiative in an effort to improve social welfare in the African country of Guinea-Bissau through the provision of support to local farmers. We invite you to watch the documentary film about this development cooperation project: