In Latvia, several dozen charity kitchens operate under the auspices of charity organizations. Here, thousands of vulnerable people and people in need often receive the only hot meal of the day.

The aim of the charity program "A Piece of Bread" is to give the opportunity to vulnerable people to receive a warm meal on a regular basis.

In the program, non-profit organizations can get support for the improvement of charity kitchens.



In 2023, within the framework of the program, non-profit organizations can receive support for the arrangement and improvement of charity kitchens for more convenient, rational, and cost-effective management.


Support is provided to registered associations, foundations, and religious organizations throughout Latvia - for the renovation of charity kitchens, for the purchase of kitchen appliances and other relevant equipment, or for the improvement of an existing one.

Amount of support per charity kitchen - up to EUR 5`000, -.

Applicants are invited to study the program materials:

Application procedure:

The organization can submit a completed application form at any time during the program period by sending it to e-mail: . A printed paper application is not required.


Selection criteria

- support is available to registered associations, religious organizations, or foundations that already provide catering services (soup kitchens, day centres, etc.) primarily to the people in need;

- all applications will be assessed individually, taking into account the scope of the charity's kitchen and the regularity of charitable catering services provided;

- previous activity - at least one year of active experience, necessary human resources and competence, play an important role in the life of the region.

Examination of applications:

Within one month, applications will be assessed and responded to. Representatives of the Foundation may, upon prior agreement, visit the organization to discuss, how it plans to implement the idea. In case of project approval, a grant agreement for the implementation of the project will be signed.

During the work season 2022/2023, due to a significant increase in the demand for hot meals in charity kitchens and a rapid increase in prices of energy resources, non-profit organizations received support for the full or partial payment of energy (gas, electricity, etc.) bills for ensuring the work of charity kitchens. Support was provided to registered associations, foundations, and religious organizations throughout Latvia. The amount of support for one charity kitchen was up to EUR 1,000 per month.

Between 2013 and 2016, the Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation implemented the program activities "Meals for People in Need" and "Support for Collaboration Projects". Read about them in the section Charitable Programme “A Piece of Bread” - Meals for the People in Need (2013 - 2016).