Song collection LĪGO. From the Collection of the Museum of Literature and Music. Photo: Vitaly Vinogradov


To find out about the life and contribution of the outstanding Latvian composer, author of the national anthem Baumaņu Kārlis, one must go to his native town Limbaži. Here - in Limbaži Museum - you will find the exposition “Baumaņu Kārlis and his time”.

The life of Baumaņu Kārlis (1835 - 1905) is closely connected with the Limbaži region. He was born in Vilķene, studied in Limbaži. Also, the last years of his life after returning from active life in St. Petersburg he spent in Limbaži. At that time, he became involved in the public life of the small town. Thanks to his donated books, the city established the first public library.

The exposition is created with the support of the Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation. It tells about everyday and social life when Baumaņu Kārlis spent the end of his life in this city. The exposition is located in the Limbaži manor house - in the museum's 1st-floor hall. Here the interior of the second half of the 19th century is completely reconstructed, using authentic furniture and decoration of Limbaži and its surroundings.

The musical compositions of Baumaņu Kārlis are being played on the restored grand piano. In the premises, thematic chamber style events take place. These are in line with the composer's own course - Limbaži Music School students' evenings, Humor and fun evenings, Question and Answer evenings, etc.

The exposition also reflects the multinational cultural environment of the small town at the turn of the century, as well as Baumaņu Kārlis's connection with the most significant Latvian personalities of that time: Auseklis, Fricis Brīvzemnieks, Juris Alunāns, and others.