Since 2015, the National Library of Latvia (NLL) and the Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation have collaborated in enriching the collection of the NLL with valuable books, catalogues and films about art.

This collection of new acquisitions emphasises the role played by outstanding personalities in art history and contemporary art, starting from the Renaissance through to the 21st century, including through the incorporation of resources about the creative links between contemporary artists and the Old Masters.

Under the auspices of the project, the collection of the NLL is already augmented with 570 new high quality art publications and 235 documentary films about art.

We invite you to check out the following collections online:

During the first (2015) year of the collection, the particular focus was on the Anglo-Saxon book publishing space, primarily comprised of publications, collection catalogues and other books published by the United Kingdom’s most notable museums and arts institutions including the National Gallery, London, the Tate, the Royal Academy of Arts, and the Victoria and Albert Museum, as well as renowned publishers of arts publications such as Phaidon, Thames & Hudson. 

Photo: Ieva Makare

In 2015, the NLL began to compile a new collection of audio-visual materials spanning all the most significant periods of art, which includes films about art history and artists.

In the second (2016) year of this collaboration, attention turned to the art of Italy, Spain and Russia. Specifically, this was  manifested in the acquisition of publications issued by Russia’s most prominent museums and arts institutions (including  the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, the Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, and the Garage Museum of Contemporary  Art), catalogues, as well as studies of collage, performance and contemporary art in Russia.

Photo: Ieva MakareThe Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation proactively supports the exhibition of new and original works of art in Riga’s public space, a cause to which a host of publications in the National Library of Latvia’s collection of new acquisitions are dedicated. Another accent of content is formed by Andy  Warhol’s influence on the latest generations of artists in the 21st century. In turn, in 2016, the film collection was augmented with films about the art and artists of Italy and Spain, while other notable additions included publications issued by Russia’s most prominent museums and arts institutions.

During the third (2017) year of the project, the focus was on French, Eastern European and Nordic art. France’s rich art heritage is represented by books and catalogues published in recent years about 18th and 19th century art, individual directions, great artists of the past and contemporary luminaries, as well as catalogues dedicated to the collections of major museums and the most impressive art exhibitions of recent years.

Several publications offer an insight into Eastern Europe’s contemporary art processes. An important addition to the collection consists of books and catalogues about Nordic art. The range of new additions also consists of new studies and catalogues about the distinguished artistic greats and contemporary leading lights of Italy, Spain, Germany, USA, Russia and other countries, as well as publications about iconic artists who have created internationally renowned works in public space. The film collection was augmented with an additional 34 titles in 2017.