The objective of the programme - to provide support for the activities of societies and foundations, making their work using computers, office equipment and their related software applications more efficient.

Under the auspices of the programme, the support in the form of the service of a paid computer specialist was provided to public benefit organisations that operate within the territory of the City of Riga and neighbouring districts and use 1-10 computers to maintain their operations.

A computer specialist provided the support to the following organisations:

Terēzija Mackare, Board Chair of the NGO “Riga Active Seniors’ Alliance” admits that nowadays using a computer is an integral part of daily life – both at work, and in dealing with household matters. Senior citizens use the computers in the care of the NGO on a day-to-day basis; therefore, they must be in working order. Terēzija Mackare enthusiastically acknowledges that the foundation’s programme offered a support to the NGO in its operations. “One should live with joy, with an eye on the future; thus, we really should make the most of the possibilities provided by the latest technologies,” she says.