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May 2023 bring peace, harmony, and good thoughts!


The rocks on which you stand are yours,
The flowers that you see are yours,
Trees, grass, the land entire – they’re yours,
As is the sky above and the space around you –
They belong to you as do your eyes, shoulders, hands
And your aching hearts.

/Aleksandrs Čaks, Sermon at Piņķi Church/


Pictured: Memorial moulding for Aleksandrs Čaks. Fragment.

This art object was created by artist Aivars Vilipsons with support from the Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation. It is dedicated to the memory of Aleksandrs Čaks, in commemoration of the poet’s 120th birthday. The moulding is located at the entrance to Lāčplēša Street 48 in Rīga.

Photograph: Māris Zemgalietis
Design: Katrīna Vasiļjeva, Aivis Lizums
Animation: Aija Bigača
Verse translation: Ieva Lešinska