In the implementation of the programme, the Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation collaborates with the Community Foundation Movement. Its goal is to promote community philanthropy and the participation of residents in Latvia’s regions, and to represent Latvia internationally

The Community Foundation Movement (CFM) was founded on 6 December 2006. It was founded by five community foundations: Alūksne and Ape Region Community Foundation, Lielvārde Development Foundation, Madona Region Community Foundation, Talsi Region Community Foundation and Valmiera Region Community Foundation.


Since 2008, the CFM is a member of global organization "Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support" (WINGS).


The goals and tasks of the Community Foundation Movement are as follows:

  • Promoting and developing the community foundation model at national level;
  • Setting and supervising the operating standards of Latvia’s community foundations;
  • Strengthening the capacity of CFM participants, experience and information exchange, development of methodological materials, and joint attraction of resources;
  • Improving the operation of the CFM.

The current CFM Coordinator and Council Chairman is Valmiera District Foundation Chairman of the Board .

How can I become a CFM member?

If your organisation works in the local community and conforms to the standards set by the Community Foundation Movement, then you’re welcome to join the CFM! A decision on whether or not to accept new members will be made by the CFM Council within three months, if the decision can be made without a meeting to be attended in person or within six months if a meeting is necessary.

Legal entities may become CFM members, which conform to the following Latvian community foundation standards:

  • the organisation’s legal status is that of a foundation/fund;
  • the foundation has been awarded the status of a publicly beneficial organisation;
  • the foundation generates inviolable financial capital;
  • the foundation’s operations are defined within a certain geographic territory (smaller than the territory of a country);
  • the foundation provides financial support in publicly beneficial realms (without thematic restrictions) and allocates funds on a priority basis via open competitions;
  • the foundation encourages philanthropy and funds with which to support the publicly beneficial activities are mainly attracted from local community resources – businesses and private persons;
  • the foundation has a supervisory institution (council, supervisory committee, etc.);
  • the foundation publishes a financial and content-based operational annual report.

A CFM associated member may be a legal entity – society or foundation, which has the status of being publicly beneficial and which, through its activities, promotes community philanthropy, but which does not conform to Latvia’s community foundation standards in full.

New members can join the CFM, by submitting the following documents:

  • written application according to a set template (download here);
  • articles of association;
  • founding decision minutes;
  • registration certificate;
  • decision regarding publicly beneficial organisation status;
  • annual report (financial) with management report;
  • operating strategy for at least three years;
  • documents on compliance with conflict of interest guidelines;
  • motivation letter, as to why the candidate wishes to become a member or associated member, which standard points the candidate conforms to.

The application together will documents must be submitted electronically (documents can be attached in scanned form), sending them to the following e-mail address: .

The CFM Council will review your application. If a meeting in person is required, we will invite your organisation’s representatives to attend this.