The chapter contains useful documents and additional tools for grant recipients to implement the supported projects.

Application of precise procedures is defined in the bilateral contract signed by the founadtion and the grant recipient about the allocation of finances.


Visibility facilitation of the of the activities of granted projects

The foundation staff particularly focus on the visibility facilitation of the activities of granted projects and request the grant recipients to contact the foundation office if necessary (e-mail: ) to be advised concerning the application of the logo.

The grant recipients are responsible for spreading precise and fact-based information to the third persons about the granted projects, their activities and the achieved results. More about the application of the foundation logo - here.


Payment request

After the contract is signed with the foundation about the project implementation and the use of the grant, the grant recipient makes a request for the first advanced payment (except the 1st version of the payment order).

The following payment requests are made in accordance with order of payments stated in the contract by adding the intermediate or final report.

Payment request form

The foundation usually provides payments twice a month – on the 15th date of each month and on the last day of the month. To receive the payment duly the payment request has to be submitted no later than two weeks before.



During the project implementation the grant recipient prepares an interim report (-s) if stated in the contract.

After the project has been implemented all grant recipients prepare the final report.

Interim and final report forms:
Content report
Financial report


Useful tips for all grant recipients - How to prepare the report